Natural Fiber Twisted Rope

Natural Fiber Twisted Rope

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Natural Fiber Twisted Rope

Natural ropes are ropes made of natural fibers. These fibers are obtained from organic materials, such as those produced by plants. Cotton, sisal, Manila, coconut and papyrus are some of the materials that can be used to make natural fiber rope. Shandong Baron natural fiber rope provides a firm grip. Sword hemp rope is perfect for home, farm and general use. Because the natural fiber of the rope is exposed to the weather rapidly deteriorates.

Of course, you can not only wholesale natural fiber rope, we also supply Braided Rope, Other Special Ropes and so on. Looking forward to your selection!



Uses of Natural Fiber Twisted Rope

Wholesale natural fiber twisted rope can widely used in retro decoration, wire and cable, craft rope packaging or binding, gardening, greenhouses, pastures, bonsai, shopping malls and supermarkets and daily life for making furniture, sofa and pad.

Natural fiber twisted rope is also used in fishing, navigation, mining, oil field, transportation.  

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Advantages of Our Natural Fiber Twisted Rope

1. Resistance.

2. Corrosion resistance.

3. Rain resistance.

4. Retro ecological.

5. Easy to use.

6. Strong tension.

7. Seawater immersion.

8. Acid and alkali resistance.

9. Corrosion resistant.

10. Not easy to smooth.



Do You Want to Wholesale Natural Fiber Twisted Rope?

Shandong Baron natural fiber twisted rope manufactures have different types that only use the best quality raw material. Our products are of first-class quality. We can provode 3 different twisted ropes. If you want to buy competitive price and high quality natural fiber twisted rope, please contact us.

Twisted Jute Rope

Twisted Jute Rope is a kind of natural fiber twisted rope with attractive texture and excellent resistance to environmental effects. The low sensitivity of jute to the decay process allows it to be used for landscaping, fencing, ships and decoration of all recreational items.

Sisal twisted rope

Sisal is one kind of natural fiber, it does not have the strength or durability of synthetic fiber rope. It can degrade under natural condition so it is a very eco-friendly material. Moreover, It is widely used in our daily life for construction and farm knotting applications.

Cotton twisted rope

Cotton twisted rope is a kind of natural fiber twisted rope, which can degrade under natural condition and is very eco-friendly materials. It widely uses in our daily life.

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